Biodiv Sci ›› 2022, Vol. 30 ›› Issue (6): 21473.  DOI: 10.17520/biods.2021473

Special Issue: 青藏高原生物多样性与生态安全

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Relationship between culturable filamentous fungal diversity and environmental factors in Nam Co Lake

Wenkai Xue, Huadanshang Meng, Yanhong Wang, Pan Zhu, Ji De, Xiaofang Guo()   

  1. School of Sciences, Tibet University, Lhasa 850000
  • Received:2021-11-23 Accepted:2022-04-03 Online:2022-06-20 Published:2022-05-18
  • Contact: Xiaofang Guo


Aims: Microbial diversity plays an important role in assessing the ecological environment of water bodies. This study aims to investigate the diversity and influencing factors of culturable filamentous fungi in Nam Co Lake, Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.
Methods: Filamentous fungi from 20 sites in Nam Co Lake were isolated, purified and identified by membrane filtration flat culture, morphological characterization and ITS sequence analysis. Water physical and chemical variables were determined to analyze the correlation between filamentous fungal diversity and environmental factors.
Results: Species identification results showed that a total of 1,412 filamentous fungal strains were isolated from Nam Co Lake water samples, and were identified as 47 species in 22 genera. Alternaria, Penicillium and Mucor are the dominant genera, Alternaria chlamydosporigena and Mucor hiemalis are the dominant species. Pearson correlation analysis showed that the total abundance of filamentous fungi was significantly positively correlated with temperature, ammonium nitrogen and total phosphorus. Redundancy analysis showed that ammonium nitrogen, temperature, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, salinity and electrical conductivity are important factors influencing the composition and distribution of filamentous fungal communities in Nam Co Lake.
Conclusion: In summary, the filamentous fungal community from Nam Co Lake showed high species diversity and spatial heterogeneity, and the distribution of filamentous fungi was affected by environmental factors in Nam Co Lake.

Key words: plateau lake, culturable filamentous fungi, diversity, environmental factors