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A revised species list of amphibians and reptiles in the Anhui Province

Yongmin Li1, 2, Xiaobing Wu2, *()   

  1. 1 School of Biology and Food Engineering, Fuyang Normal University, Fuyang, Anhui 236037
    2 College of Life Sciences, Anhui Normal University, Wuhu, Anhui 241000
  • Received:2019-02-16 Accepted:2019-08-31 Online:2019-09-25
  • Xiaobing Wu

Based on historical accounts and the latest research on the taxonomy and phylogeny of amphibians, we provide an updated species list of the diversity and distribution of amphibian and reptile species in the Anhui Province, China. As of 30 November 2018, we recorded 44 amphibian species, representing 2 orders, 9 families and 26 genera, and 72 reptile species, representing 3 orders, 11 families and 48 genera in Anhui. Among these, 3 amphibian species and 1 reptile species are endemic to Anhui. When compared to amphibian and reptile species records in The Amphibian and Reptilian Fauna of Anhui, our census added 12 species, excluded 1 species, and renamed 29 species in this revised species list. According to the animal geographical regions of China, 91 species belong to the Oriental Realm, 10 species are classified in the Palaearctic Realm, and the remaining species are considered widespread. Four recorded species are listed in the National Key Protected Wild Animal List, and 112 species are ranked in the Red List of China’s Vertebrates.

Key words: Anhui, amphibian and reptile, inventory, biodiversity

Table 1

Geographical distribution patterns of amphibians and reptiles in Anhui Province"

Zoogeographic region
Oriental species (%)
Palaearctic species (%)
Widely-distributed species (%)
淮北平原区 Huaibei plain 4(20.0) 8(40.0) 8(40.0) 20
江淮丘陵区 Jianghuai hilly area 17(51.5) 3(9.1) 13(39.4) 33
大别山区 Dabie Mountain area 46(71.9) 3(4.7) 15(23.4) 64
沿江平原区 Plain along the Yangtze River 17(54.8) 2(6.5) 12(38.7) 31
Mountainous and hilly areas in southern Anhui Province
81(84.4) 0(0.0) 15(15.6) 96
合计 Total 91(78.4) 10(8.7) 15(12.9) 116

Fig. 1

Sketch map of the geographic division of amphibians and reptiles in Anhui Province. I, Huaibei plain; II, Jianghuai hilly area; III, Dabie Mountain area; IV, Plain along the Yangtze River; V, Mountainous and hilly areas in Southern Anhui Province."

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