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[Abstract] ( 8 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 370 KB] (2)
Ya ruZhu Yan-Bing Gong
On methodology of wind pollination
[Abstract] ( 9 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 390 KB] (4)
Linfeng Li
The roles of epigenetic variation in plant hybridization and polyploidization
[Abstract] ( 8 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 192 KB] (6)
Youbing Zhou Xiaolin Yu Nan Wu Guozhen Shen Gaoming Xiong Wenting Xu Dayong Fan Changming Zhao Zongqiang Xie
A Catalogue of Animal Type Specimens from Mt. Shennongjia World Natural Heritage Site, China
[Abstract] ( 12 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 240 KB] (13)
Xingfeng Si Yuhao Zhao Chuanwu Chen Peng Ren Di Zeng Lingbing Wu Ping Ding
Beta-diversity partitioning: methods, applications and perspectives
[Abstract] ( 35 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 508 KB] (53)
Qianting Bu Xian Li Ren Zhu Ling Chu Yunzhi Yan
Low-head dams driving the homogenization of local habitat and fish assemblages in upland streams
[Abstract] ( 14 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 1565 KB] (3)
Xue Zhang Yurui Wang Yangbo Fan Xiaotian Luo Xiaozhong Hu Feng Gao
Morphology, Ontogeny and Molecular Phylogeny of Euplotes aediculatus Pierson, 1943 (Ciliophora, Euplotida)
[Abstract] ( 13 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 4963 KB] (16)
Study on Genetic Diversity of Crataegus songorica in Xinjiang
[Abstract] ( 33 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 853 KB] (17)
Wumei Xu Xiuqin Ci Jie Li
The parallel effects of environmental properties on genetic diversity and species diversity
[Abstract] ( 32 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 623 KB] (60)
Xiaolong Zhang Lihua Yang Ming KANG
Post-pollination reproductive isolation of sympatric populations of Primulina eburnea and P. mabaensis (Gesneriaceae)
[Abstract] ( 27 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 308 KB] (35)
Jian-Min CHU LI Yifu lei zhang LI Bin GAO MingYuan TANG Xiaoqian NI Jianwei XU XINXinqiao
Potential distribution range and conservation strategies for Amygdalus pedunculata
[Abstract] ( 33 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 721 KB] (29)
Jian-Bo TAN Ainong Li Guangbin Lei Keping Ma Guoke Chen
A Review on Research Advance and Challenges in the IUCN Red List of Ecosystems Criteria
[Abstract] ( 66 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 915 KB] (43)
Zongqiang Xie Guozhen Shen Youbing Zhou Dayong Fan Wenting Xu Xianming Gao Yanjun Du Gaoming Xiong Changming Zhao Yan Zhu Jiangshan lai
Outstanding universal value and conservation of Shennongjia World Natural Heritage Site
[Abstract] ( 50 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 703 KB] (30)
Yaqiong Song Zhilong Liu Sophie Willian Jiangyun Gao
Characteristics of the orchid trade at public markets and implications for conservation in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, China
[Abstract] ( 42 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 664 KB] (31)
Hua Zhu
Families and genera of seed plants in relation to biogeographical origin on Hainan Island
[Abstract] ( 57 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 515 KB] (35)
Cuiling Wang Guozhen Shen Zhenhua Zang Wenting Xu Zhaoyang Feng Zongqiang Xie
The effectiveness of Shennongjia National Nature Reserve in conserving forests and habitat of golden snub–nosed monkey
[Abstract] ( 84 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 352 KB] (60)
Shi-Yong DONG Zheng-Yu Zuo Jianying Xiang Haining Qin
The IUCN Red List of the lycophytes and ferns from China: A preliminary assessment
[Abstract] ( 214 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 0 KB] (51)
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