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Zhishu Xiao Xueyou Li Zuofu Xiang Ming Li Xuelong Jiang
Overview for Mammal Diversity Observation Network of Sino Bon
[Abstract] ( 58 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 359 KB] (16)
Cuiling Wang Guozhen Shen Zhenhua Zang Wenting Xu Zhaoyang Feng Zongqiang Xie
The effectiveness of Shennongjia National Nature Reserve in conserving forests and habitat of golden snub–nosed monkey
[Abstract] ( 53 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 0 KB] (2)
Fengming Huang Qiuting Wu Boping Han Qiuqi Lin
Species diversityy of Rotifera in Hainan Island, China: Lecanidae
[Abstract] ( 38 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 0 KB] (3)
Liang JinYao Lan Yao Yong-Mei Yi Xunru Ai Guang Feng Jun-Cheng LIU Yong Lin Wei Huang Runguo Zang
Species composition and community structure of 6-ha subtropical evergreen and deciduous broad-leaved mixed forest plot of Qizimei Mountains, Hubei Province
[Abstract] ( 36 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 1139 KB] (42)
Jianchao Liang Zhifeng Ding Chunlan Zhang Hairui Duo Hong Tang Huijian Hu
Spatial distribution patterns and hotspots of bird diversity in Sanjiangyuan Maixiu Reserve
[Abstract] ( 48 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 986 KB] (46)
Ziliang Guo, Shaohua Xing, Guofa Cui
A method for assessing species diversity conservation value of nature reserve
[Abstract] ( 84 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 1436 KB] (28)
Ge GAO bin wang chenxiang he
The alpine biodiversity of birds and mammals at Mt. Gaoligong, Lushui County, Yunnan
[Abstract] ( 54 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 432 KB] (7)
Ya-Li JIN 李 必成 耿 龙 Yun Bu
Soil fauna Community in Different Natural Vegetation of Dajinshan Island, Shanghai
[Abstract] ( 51 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 433 KB] (46)
Yuaan YChen Zheng ZWang Zuofu Xiang
A review of seed dispersal by primates
[Abstract] ( 57 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 348 KB] (26)
Shi-Yong DONG Zheng-Yu Zuo Jianying Xiang Haining Qin
The IUCN Red List of the lycophytes and ferns from China: A preliminary assessment
[Abstract] ( 156 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 0 KB] (7)
Cheng Li Feng Xie Jianping Jiang
Research and Monitoring Amphibians and Reptiles in Key Regions of China
[Abstract] ( 70 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 0 KB] (6)
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