Volume 27 Issue 11   20 November 2019
虌(Bie) is an ideographic character of ferns in ancient culture of China, which shows that ferns are the perennial (龟, turtle below) shade (蔽, shadow middle) herbs (艹, herb upper). Pteridophytes (including ferns and lycopophytes) are the oldest vascular plants on earth. It is important to understand the origin and evolution of land plants. Based on PPG I (2016), there are 11,916 species in 51 families and 337 genera in the world, and 2,270 species in 40 families and 178 genera in China. In this issue, we introduce the latest progress in Chinese ferns. The picture shows the phylogeny overview of Chinese ferns and lycopophytes based on PPG I: different color lines indicate different orders, Chinese families in solid lines and non-Chinese families in dashed lines. The size of the sector presents the species richness of the family, and the family names in red and the pictures of ferns outside are the research objects in this issue. (Designed by Jiangping Shu and Yuehong Yan)

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