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Numerical characteristics of plant sexual system of the woody plants in the 60 ha plot in the tropical rain forest in Jianfengling, Hainan Island

Wang Yingcan1, Lin Jiayi1, Xu Han2, *(), Lin Mingxian3, Li Yide2   

  1. 1 College of Forestry and Landscape Architecture, South China Agricultural University, Guangzhou 510642
    2 Research Institute of Tropical Forestry, Chinese Academy of Forestry, Guangzhou 510520
    3 Experimental Station of Research Institute of Tropical Forestry, Chinese Academy of Forestry, Ledong, Hainan 572542
  • Received:2018-08-07 Accepted:2019-01-07 Online:2019-03-20
  • Xu Han

How plants with different sexual systems grow and distribute in the community? Are they influenced by environmental factors? The answer to these questions is helpful to understand how species diversity is shaped in the plant community. This study summarized the numerical characteristics of sexual systems and the relationship between the distribution of dioecious plants and the topographical factors. Results showed that of the 289 woody seed plants recorded in the 60 ha plot, 176 species are bisexual plants and 113 species are unisexual plants. Of the 113 unisexual species, 51 are monoecious and 62 are dioecious plants. The abundance of unisexual plants accounts for 36.2% of all individuals recorded in the whole plot. The dioecious plants account for 21.5% of all individuals recorded and 59.5% of all individuals of unisexual plants in the plot. At the 20 m × 20 m quadrat spatial scale, 31 dioecious species showed aggregated distribution. Proportion of number of dioecious species of all species showed weak and positive correlation with altitude, convex and slope, but relative abundance of dioecious plants only showed weak and positive correlation with altitude. Furthermore, three diversity indices of plant sexual system did not show significant correlation with altitude, convex and slope. In sum, dioecious plants occupy a large proportion but most species only have relatively small population in the tropical mountain rain forest in Hainan, which are closely correlated with the topographical factors by the changes of numerical characteristics. The existence of dioecious plants has important contribution to the formation of species diversity in the plant community.

Key words: Hainan, tropical rainforest, permanent plot, diversity, dioecious plants, topography

Table 1

Monoecious and dioecious species with importance value larger than 1.0 in the 60 ha plot"

Sexual system
植株数量No. of individuals 重要值Importance value
雌雄同株Monoecy 红柯 Lithocarpus fenzelianus 1,752 2.0
Pinanga baviensis
14,753 1.4
Lithocarpus amygdalifolius
1,360 1.3
Cyclobalanopsis patelliformis
1,207 1.1
海南蕈树 Altingia obovata 1,793 1.1
雌雄异株Dioecy 白颜树
Gironniera subaequalis
10,035 3.0
Nephelium topengii
11,878 2.1
Neolitsea ellipsoidea
15,747 1.9
东方肖榄 Platea parvifolia 6,423 1.3
海岛冬青 Ilex goshiensis 4,550 1.1

Fig. 1

Number of dioecious and monoecious species with different importance value (a) and number of individuals (b) in the 60 ha plot"

Fig. 2

Characteristics of number of quadrats for different plant sexual systems at the 20 m × 20 m quadrat scale in the 60 ha plot. (a) Characteristics of number of quadrats and number of individuals for different sexual systems; (b) Characteristics of number of quadrats and relative abundance for unisexual species; (c) Characteristics of number of quadrats for and relative abundance for different sexual systems; (d) Characteristics of number of quadrats and proportion of dioecious species of unisexual species."

Fig. 3

Number of quadrats with different Shannon-Wiener index, Simpson index, Pielou index for sexual system diversity at the 20 m × 20 m quadrat scale in the 60 ha plot"

Table 2

Sexual system comparison among Jianfengling tropical rainforest and four forest communities in China and other countries"

Site and plant community
No. of species
不同性别系统占比 Proportion of different sexual systems of total number of species (%)
Hermaphroditic species
湖北大老岭落叶阔叶林, 中国
Deciduous broad-leaved forest in Hubei, China (Long, 2011)
306 67.0 20.6 12.4
云南西双版纳热带雨林, 中国
Tropical rainforest in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, China (Chen & Li, 2008)
394 54.0 19.5 26.1
海南尖峰岭热带雨林, 中国 Tropical rainforest in Jianfengling, Hainan, China 290 60.0 17.7 21.5
拉塞尔瓦热带雨林, 哥斯达黎加
Tropical rainforest in La Selva, Costa Rica (Chen & Li, 2008)
333 65.0 11.4 23.1
砂拉越州热带雨林, 马来西亚
Tropical rainforest in Central Sarawak, Malaysia (Chen & Li, 2008)
711 60.0 14.0 26.0

Table 3

Relationships among topographical factors and diversity indices of dioecious plants in the 60 ha plot"

Proportion of dioecious
species of all species in the 60 ha plot
0.487 (+) 0.344 (+) 0.313 (+)
Relative abundance of dioecious species of all individuals
0.408 (+) 0.278 (n) 0.275 (n)
Simpson指数 Simpson index -0.019 (n) -0.162 (n) 0.192 (n)
Shannon-Wiener指数Shannon-Wiener index -0.012 (n) 0.163 (n) -0.187 (n)
Pielou均匀度指数 Pielou index -0.012 (n) 0.163 (n) -0.187 (n)
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