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Diversity and ex-situ conservation of plants in the desert region of temperate zone in China

Yin Linke   

  1. Turpan Eremophytes Botanic Garden,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Turpan,838008
  • Received:1995-10-12 Revised:1996-02-20 Online:1997-02-20

Conservation and research of desert plant diversity is an important part of the biodiversity protection. Plant species in plain desert  of  China  is  very  scarce(about 1000 species) and distribute sparsely. Its biomass is poor.   But  its  origin  is ancient with complicated geographical component (about 14 areal-types) and high endemic component (about 80 species). The rare and endangered species is relatively rich (about 50~60 species). Complicated ecotype and endemic life from of  desert  plant  have  been formed based on desert climate and special pedology, so ex-situ   conservation  on  its biodiversity is necessary and possible.  Turpan  Eremophytes  Botanic  Garden  lies  in desert region of Asia. Its research purpose is changing from introduction to protection of desert flora. At present, the component of the desert plants in the  botanical  garden has reached to 42.2% and the amount of endemic and rare endangered species is relatively large. All kinds of plants that have adapted for desert environment over a  long  period of time contain a great deal of resistence gene, so there is a  potential  prospect  on exploitation and utilization of them.

Key words: prokaryotic microorganisms, species diversity, diversity of phylogenetic lines, physiological diversity, genetic diversity

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