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    Volume 05 Issue 1
    20 February 1997
    Species diversity of terrestrial molluskes in different habitats in Xishuangbanna tropical forest region
    Chen Deniu, Yang Longlong, Zhang Guoqing
    Biodiv Sci. 1997, 05 (1):  5-13.  doi:10.17520/biods.1997002
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    The species composition and diversity of terrestrial molluskes in 9 different habitats of the tropical forest region in Xishuangbanna are reported in this paper. Approximately 15 000 specimens are collected, and 44 species and subspecies belonging to 3 orders, 15 families, and 36 genera are recongized (table 1). The result of diversity analysis showed that values of species rich ness indexes dMAof 9 habitats range from 0.240 to 4.634, species diversity indexes H′range from 0.100 to 1.043, and evenness indexes JSW range from 0.305 to 0.887 (table 2). Based on similarity coefficients C in table 3, 9 habitats can be clearly clustered into 3 groups by the systematic clustering: rain forest group, Holy Hill group, and secondary habitat group (fig. 1). Holy Hills of Dai nationality play a certain role in the conservation of rain forest species of terrestrial molluskes, which is affected by the sizes of Holy Hills and the level of disturbance caused by human activities. The smaller a Holy Hill and the more serious the disturbance, the more the lost species. If the tropical rain forest is once exploited for cultivation, all the rain forest species of terrestrial molluskes will disappear and be substituted by some non rain forest species with a significant decrease in the number of species.
    Structural comparisons of polyhedrin proteins and phylogeny of baculoviruses
    Liu Ziye, Qi Yipeng, Wang jiawang, Huang Yongxiu
    Biodiv Sci. 1997, 05 (1):  14-25.  doi:10.17520/biods.1997003
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    We have sequenced the polyhedrin gene from LsMNPV and the deduced amino acid sequence was compared with other polyhedrin or granulin amino acid sequences from 22 baculoviruses. Conservation of amino acid sequences was counted using a curve and a model polyhedrin (MPh) was given reasonably. Hydrophilicity of MPh and polyhedrins from some representative baculoviruses was studied by the PROSIS software. Prediction of secondary structure of MPh and 23 polyhedrins was stated in computer. Relationship among the predicted structure in special amino acid regions and the variability, the hydrophilicity was found. Evolution of 23 baculoviruses was discussed according to the maximum homologous analysis of amino acid sequences between two polyhedrin separately.
    Eremopyrum—The wild relatives of wheat
    Zhang Jiyi, Dong Yushen
    Biodiv Sci. 1997, 05 (1):  26-30.  doi:10.17520/biods.1997004
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    The genus of Eremopyrum was established in 1851s.After the morphylogical taxonomy studies in 1930s and cytological researches during 1950s~1960s,the status of the genus was admitted and the species under this genus were identified.However,there are still some taxonomy problems existing.Some species have been hybrized with 8 taxa belonging respectively to 6 genera,including common wheat.The results show that Eremopyrum has a distant evolution relationship with these all.
    Research on the mutualism system of fig trees and its pollinators
    Chen Yong, /Li Hongqing, Ma Weiliang,
    Biodiv Sci. 1997, 05 (1):  31-35.  doi:10.17520/biods.1997005
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    Fig trees have mutualism relation with their pollination insect.They are mutualism partner with closest relation and long history between animals and plants.They have formed figs-pollinators mutualism system in structure,physiological function and life cycle synchronism,and coevolution in coordination up to now.This paper discusses the biological feature of fig trees and wasps,and interaction between them.It also expounds the formation,maintenance and biological significance of  figs-pollinators mutualism system.
    The preliminary report of current status and artificial culture of Dunaliella salina in Zabuye salt lake, Tibet
    He Chaoxing, Zheng Mianping
    Biodiv Sci. 1997, 05 (1):  36-39.  doi:10.17520/biods.1997006
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    The economic value and current status of utilization in biotechnology of Dunaliella salina were described.The endangered causes of this algae were analysed and the conservation and sustainable use were suggested by the survey of distribution and experiments in Zabuye salt lake,Tibet.
    Diversity and ex-situ conservation of plants in the desert region of temperate zone in China
    Yin Linke
    Biodiv Sci. 1997, 05 (1):  40-48.  doi:10.17520/biods.1997007
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    Conservation and research of desert plant diversity is an important part of the biodiversity protection. Plant species in plain desert  of  China  is  very  scarce(about 1000 species) and distribute sparsely. Its biomass is poor.   But  its  origin  is ancient with complicated geographical component (about 14 areal-types) and high endemic component (about 80 species). The rare and endangered species is relatively rich (about 50~60 species). Complicated ecotype and endemic life from of  desert  plant  have  been formed based on desert climate and special pedology, so ex-situ   conservation  on  its biodiversity is necessary and possible.  Turpan  Eremophytes  Botanic  Garden  lies  in desert region of Asia. Its research purpose is changing from introduction to protection of desert flora. At present, the component of the desert plants in the  botanical  garden has reached to 42.2% and the amount of endemic and rare endangered species is relatively large. All kinds of plants that have adapted for desert environment over a  long  period of time contain a great deal of resistence gene, so there is a  potential  prospect  on exploitation and utilization of them.
    The studies of biodiversity in Wuling Mountain Natural Reserve
    Wang Deyi, Li Dongyi, Cai Wanbo
    Biodiv Sci. 1997, 05 (1):  49-53.  doi:10.17520/biods.1997008
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    This paper made studies on the biodiversity  in Wuling Mountain Nature Reserve.There are 116 families,645 genera and 1809 species of higher plants which have been found out and more than 150 species of wild animals and more than 800 species of insects which have been recorded,and tens of types of ecological system which are divided into 1300 natural ecological systems in Wuling Mountion.Also the paper made some suggestions on protection of biodiversity.
    The establishment of vertebrates specimen database management system and its application
    He Yuanhui, Zhu Jianguo
    Biodiv Sci. 1997, 05 (1):  54-60.  doi:10.17520/biods.1997009
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    This report discribed  “The vertebrate specimen database management system” built by the Kunming Institute of Zoology.  We gave a detailed account of the system structure,data models,code system and functions of the system. Then we introduced the specimen management databases established by using this system, which include birds,mammals and fishes specimen in museum of Kunming Institute of Zoology that have been inputted into the computerized system.
    The principal components and discriminant analysis of numerical characters of Locusta migratoria Migratoria L. and L.m.manilensis (Meyen) phase solitaria
    Liu Zhibin, Zheng Zheming, Wang Qingchuan
    Biodiv Sci. 1997, 05 (1):  67-71.  doi:10.17520/biods.1997011
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    In this paper,11 numerical characters of Locustaphase solitaria from morthwest and southwest of China were studied by means of principal components analysis (PCA) and discriminant analysis (DA).PCA shows that,on the individual level,Locusta have a continous variation in space.Considering the difficulity we met in the identification of L.migratoria migratoria L.and L.m.manilensis (Meyen) by using the traditional morphometric method,two linear discriminant functions were calculated for female and male respectively:
    V(female)= - 35.37C+2.72Mx - 1.71V+4.31E/F;
    V(male)= - 17.22+9.11H - 5.64P - 1.05F+3.17Mz.
    Here,if V(female or male)<0,the individual belongs to L.m.migratoria, otherwise,it belongs to L.m.manilensis.In addition,by using the discriminant functions,the nature of some Locusta areas of  China was analysised preliminarily.
    An introduction to the structure and function of seed plant database information system of Qinling Mountain
    Zhang Mingli, Kou Xiaojun, Zhou Xuehai
    Biodiv Sci. 1997, 05 (1):  76-78.  doi:10.17520/biods.1997013
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    Qinling Mountain is the natural geographic dividing line between the south and north China, and a key region of the Chinese biodiversity. Seed plant database of Qinling Mountains has been established. The goal, system structure and function of the database were briefly introduced in this paper. The useful and convenient retrieval system was designed for 3028 species belonging to 1010 genera and 169 families, and each species with name (including Chinese and Latin), distribution and utilization etc. The establishment of the database has obvious significance for the utilization of plant resource and researches of biodiversity and floristics.

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