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Scleractinian coral community structure and distribution in the coastal waters surrounding Hainan Island

Hongying Zhou1, 2, Xuemei Yao1, 2, *(), Li Li3, Taonian Geng1, 2, Ying Zhang1, 2   

  1. 1 State Key Laboratory of Marine Resource Utilization in South China Sea, Hainan University, Haikou 570228
    2 College of Ocean, Hainan University, Haikou 570228
    3 Department of Ecology and Environment Protection of Haikou, Haikou 570125
  • Received:2017-03-15 Accepted:2017-09-13 Online:2018-05-05
  • Yao Xuemei

Based on the classical morphological and molecular taxonomy, 55 scleractinian coral species, belonging to 17 genera and 10 families, were recorded in five different coastal areas (Yunlong Bay, Wenchang; Dazhou Island, Wanning; Linqiangshi Island, Danzhou; Shayutang Village, Changjiang; Luhuitou, Sanya) of Hainan between 2014 and 2015. The dominant families included Acroporidae, Poritadae and Faviidae. The community structures of coral reefs in the five coastal areas were different. In Sanya, located in the south of Hainan, branching Acropora corals dominated the coral communities. In Wenchang and Wanning, on the eastern coast of Hainan, the laminar and branching Montipora corals were the dominant groups. In contrast, the mass corals Poritadae and Faviidae dominated the western coast in Danzhou and Changjiang. Analyses of community structure indicated that different geographic environments regulated successional differences. Coverage rates and diversity index values had a positive correlation and were as follows: Sanya > Wenchang > Changjiang > Wanning > Danzhou. Compared with the data obtained between 2005 and 2010, the coverage rates and diversity index values increased in Wenchang and Wanning and were relatively stable in Sanya and Changjiang, but showed an obvious decrease in Danzhou. However, the death rate of scleractinian corals was the highest in Changjiang, and most of the corals died within the last six months of 2015. In our opinion, human activities (including both protective and destructive activities) greatly affected coverage rates, death rates and diversity of the coral reefs.

Key words: Hainan, scleractinian coral, community structure, distribution

Fig. 1

Study areas and sampling sites of scleractinia corals in the coastal waters surrounding Hainan Island"

Table 1

The dominant species of scleractinia in the five coastal waters surrounding Hainan Island"

地点 Location 优势属 Dominant genus 优势种 Dominant species 种优势度
Dominance of species (%)
Dominance of genus (%)
Yunlong Bay,
蔷薇珊瑚属 Montipora 叶状蔷薇珊瑚 M. foliosa 35 74
平展蔷薇珊瑚 M. solanderi 15
截顶蔷薇珊瑚 M. truncata 6
浅窝蔷薇珊瑚 M. foveolata 6
鹿角珊瑚属 Acropora 细枝鹿角珊瑚 A. nana 10 14.5
宽片鹿角珊瑚 A. lutkeni 4
Dazhou Island,
蔷薇珊瑚属 Montipora 指状蔷薇珊瑚 M. digitata 49.2 73.3
脆蔷薇珊瑚 M. fragilis 23.5
鹿角珊瑚属 Acropora 伞房鹿角珊瑚 A. corymbosa 2.7 3.1
蜂巢珊瑚属 Favia 帛琉蜂巢珊瑚 F. palauensis 2.4 6
扁脑珊瑚属 Platygyra 精巧扁脑珊瑚 P. daedalea 2.6 4
Linqiangshi Island,
滨珊瑚属 Porites 澄黄滨珊瑚 P. lutea 43.4 61.8
普哥滨珊瑚 P. pukoensis 18.0
蜂巢珊瑚属 Favia 标准蜂巢珊瑚 F. speciosa 12.7 16
菊花珊瑚属 Goniastrea 粗糙菊花珊瑚 G. aspera 5.3 10
鹿角珊瑚属 Acropora 多孔鹿角珊瑚 A. millepora 10.4 12
Shayutang Village,
蜂巢珊瑚属 Favia 标准蜂巢珊瑚 F. speciosa 24 35
角蜂巢珊瑚属 Favites 五边角蜂巢珊瑚 F. pentagona 8 12
扁脑珊瑚属 Platygyra 交替扁脑珊瑚 P. crosslandi 10 21
鹿角珊瑚属 Acropora 多孔鹿角珊瑚 A. millepora 8 8.5
蔷薇珊瑚属 Montipora 截顶蔷薇珊瑚 M. truncata 7 7.8
Luhuitou, Sanya
鹿角珊瑚属 Acropora 伞房鹿角珊瑚 A. corymbosa 10.2 60.6
松枝鹿角珊瑚 M. monasteriata 11.3
多孔鹿角珊瑚 A. millepora 10.8
鼻型鹿角珊瑚 A. nasuta 7.8
蔷薇珊瑚属 Montipora 横错蔷薇珊瑚 M. gaimardi 3.9 5.1

Table 2

Values of coral diversity indices in the five coastal waters surrounding Hainan Island"

地点 Location 文昌云龙湾
Yunlong Bay,
Dazhou Island,
Linqiangshi Island,
Shayutang Village,
Luhuitou, Sanya
种类数 Species number 22 19 19 16 29
Shannon-Wiener diversity index
3.51 2.84 2.67 3.48 4.41
Pielou evenness index
2.62 2.26 2.39 2.83 3.02

Table 3

The coverage and death rate of scleractinia in the five coastal waters surrounding Hainan Island"

地点 Location 总覆盖率
Coverage rate (%)
Coverage rate of live scleractina (%)
Coverage rate of dead scleractina (%)
Death rate (%)
Yunlong Bay, Wenchang
38 35 3.0 7.8
Dazhou Island, Wanning
30 28.5 1.5 5
Linqiangshi Island, Danzhou
25 23.7 1.3 5
Shayutang Village, Changjiang
35 21.9 13.1 37.5
Luhuitou, Sanya
40.2 39 1.2 3
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