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The Biodiversity of the Basic Chromatin Proteins of Archaebacteria in China


  1. Kunming Institute of Zoology, Academia Sinica, Kunming, Yunnan 650223. China
  • Received:1994-06-13 Online:1994-12-20

Using a novel acid extraction procedure, the acid-soluble proteins from a thermo-and acido-philic archaebacterium Suifosphaerellus thermoacidophilum were isolated, and analysised by SDS-PAGE and AUT-PAGE with the calf thymus histones, which were isolated by the same procedure, as a control. The neutral Azocarmin G staining technique, which specifically stains basic chromatin protein, was used. The results suggested that the archaebacterium owns three major basic chromatin proteins, the molecular weight of all the basic proteins was smaller than calf thymus histone H4 (MW 11 282). Different artchaebacterium possesses very different basic chromatin (histone-like) proteins. The biodiversity of these proteins was very rich. The significance of theeir biodiversity to the origin and evolution of histone was discussed.

Key words: marine nematode, species composition, mudflat, Shenzhen estuary

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