Biodiv Sci ›› 1999, Vol. 07 ›› Issue (3): 226-233.  DOI: 10.17520/biods.1999035

Special Issue: 昆虫多样性与生态功能

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On the phylogeny of Drosophila nasuta species subgroup

ZHENG Xiang-Zhong,ZHU Ding-Liang,GENG Zhen-Cheng,ZHANG Ya-Ping   

  1. 1) Laboratory of Evolutionary and Behavior Genetics , Institute of Genetics , Fudan University , Shanghai  200433
     2) Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Evolution , Kunming Institute of Zoology , the Chinese Academy of Sciences , Kunming  650223
  • Received:1998-10-05 Revised:1999-03-25 Online:1999-08-20 Published:1999-08-20

Abstract: Drosophila nasuta species subgroup , belonging to Drosophila immigrans species group , consists of 14 closely related taxa in various levels of the speciation process. This subgroup exhibits much evolutionary idiosyncrasies which attract great interest in the study of speciation mechanism. However , extensive studies on morphometric , reproductive isolation , chromosomal , allozyme variation , mtDNA RFL P , and courtship song characteristics have failed to produce a coherent phylogenetic tree for this subgroup. This paper reviews the available data on the phylogeny of this subgroup , and some ideas for future research are proposed.