Biodiv Sci ›› 2000, Vol. 08 ›› Issue (4): 405-412.  DOI: 10.17520/biods.2000057

Special Issue: 生物多样性与生态系统功能 物种形成与系统进化

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Relationship between animals and plant regeneration by seed Ⅰ. Object, methods and significance

LI Hong-Jun,ZHANG Zhi-Bin   

  1. Institute of Zoology , Chinese Academy of Sciences , Beijing  100080
  • Received:2000-06-27 Revised:2000-10-16 Online:2000-11-20 Published:2000-11-20
  • Contact: ZHANG Zhi-Bin

Abstract: Most plants regenerate by seed bank. Animal activities affect seed fate from their departure from the parent plants to the establishment of seedlings. Animals play dual roles in plant regeneration , including consuming seeds and dispersing seeds to suitable sites for seedling recruitment . These two roles are trade-off . Studying the relationship between plant regeneration and animals will help to understand population dynamics , coevolution between animals and plants , community succession , the role of animals in ecosystem function and biodiversity. In recent studies , oaks and pines have been extensively studied species. It is well known that rodents and birds are the chief predators and dispersers for large seeds.