Biodiv Sci ›› 2000, Vol. 08 ›› Issue (2): 198-207.  DOI: 10.17520/biods.2000028

Special Issue: 物种形成与系统进化

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Conservation of wild rice genetic resources in China and their utilization in breeding

FAN Shu-Guo,ZHANG Zai-Jun,LIU Lin,LIU Hong-Xian,LIANG Cheng-Ye   

  1. 1)  South China Institute of Botany , Chinese Academy of sciences , Guangzhou  510650
    2)  Hubei Agricultural College , Jingzhou  434103)
  • Received:1999-04-05 Revised:1999-10-08 Online:2000-05-20 Published:2000-05-20
  • Contact: FAN Shu-Guo

Abstract: Three species of wild rice , i.e. ,Oryza rufipogon , Oryza of ficinalis and Oryza meyeriana , were found in China , and had been listed as the national second-grade protected plants ( gradually endangered species) of China. It was investigated that Chinese wild rice have been in imminent danger due to rapid loss of their natural community. Oryza rufipogon is in most imminent danger , while Oryza officinalis and Oryza meyeriana are less imminent . The main cause is economic activities which led to the loss of habitat , continuous deterioration of habitat quality , sustained reduction of habitat and invasion of exotic species. At present , some measures have been taken to protect Chinese wild rice , such as in situ conservation (on-site maintenance) and ex situ conservation (off-site maintenance) . Ex situ conservation includes seed-preserved genebank ,whole plant-preserved field genebank and callus-conserved cryopreservation. Chinese wild rice species possess many excellent characteristics , such as extreme cold-tolerance , high resistance to diseases and pests , good quality and high content of protein , senescence-tolerance of functional leaves , strong regenerating capability , good quality of lush growth , good growing dominance , which have been widely used in conventional rice breeding and hybrid rice breeding , and huge social and economic benefits have been achieved. Rapid progress has been made in biotechnology of Chinese wild rice , especially in anther culture , protoplast culture , somatic cell hybridization and gene transfer. It can be expected that Chinese wild rice resources will play more and more important role in rice breeding.