Biodiversity Science ›› 2001, Vol. 09 ›› Issue (3): 237-240.doi: 10.17520/biods.2001036

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Effect of chemical fertilizer on nematode community composition and diversity in the Black Soil Region

LIANG Wen-Ju, ZHANG Wan-Min, LI Wei-Guang, DUAN Yu-Xi   

  1. 1 Laboratory of Terrestrial Ecological Process , Institute of Applied Ecology , Chinese Academy of Sciences , Shenyang  110016
    2 Department of Agroecology , Institute of Applied Ecology , Chinese Academy of Sciences ,Shenyang  110016
    3 Department of Plant Protection , Shenyang Agricultural University , Shenyang  110161
  • Received:2001-01-20 Revised:2001-06-11 Online:2001-08-20

The effects of chemical fertilizer on nematode community composition and diversity were investigated in a field throughout the corn-growing season in the Black Soil Region , Northeast China. 14 families and 16 genera were observed. Cephalobidae , Rhabditidae , A phelenchus , and Tylenchus were found to be the dominant families/ genera. Significant differences were found between sampling dates ( p < 0. 01) and between treatments ( p < 0. 01) in the total number of nematodes during the study period. Ecological indices of diversity , evenness , richness and dominance and the dynamics of the nematode community were compared between the t reatment and the cont rol plot . Shannon index and richness were found to be more sensitive indicators than other ecological indices for assessing the response of nematode communities to the application of chemical fertilizer.

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