Biodiv Sci ›› 1999, Vol. 07 ›› Issue (3): 197-201.  DOI: 10.17520/biods.1999030

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Comparison of genetic diversity in Laminaria japonica gametophytes

WANG Ying, DAI Ji-Xun   

  1. 1) Henan Vocation2Technical Normal College , Xinxiang  453003
    2) Qingdao Oceanography University , Qingdao  266003
  • Received:1998-04-08 Revised:1999-03-29 Online:1999-08-20 Published:1999-08-20

Abstract: Genetic diversity was compared and analyzed between Laminaria japonica gametophytes from Qingdao of China and those from Hokkaido of Japan. Six enzyme systems ( Adh , Gdh , Idh , Lh , Sdh , and Sod) were examined by PAGE , and twenty two gene loci were found. The results showed that the genetic diversity in the gametophytes of Hokkaido was higher than that of Qingdao. There was genetic differentiation in gametophytes between Hokkaido and Qingdao. Double banding patterns of allozymes with different mobility were found for Qingdao gametophytes in Idh , Ldh , and Sdh enzymes as well as for Hokkaido gametophytes in all six enzymes. The bands may be controlled by special genes which mainly exist in the third gene loci.