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The current status of endemic and endangered species Davidia involucrata and the preserving strategies

He Jinsheng, Lin Jie, Chen Weilie   

  1. Institute of Botany,Academy Sinica,Beijing 100044
  • Received:1994-09-12 Revised:1994-12-02 Online:1995-11-20 Published:1995-11-20


According to field investigation, the natural distibution zone,environmental condition,floristic composition and community characteristics of endemic and endangered species,Davidia involucrata were studied. The results showed that Davidia involucrata was naturaly distributed in middle and northern subtropical China,and the distribution was discontinuous.It verticaly distributed in mountane evergeen and deciduous broad leaved forest belt. With regard to the distributional area pattern of seed plants (genera), the percentage of the North Temperate and East-Asian element was higher.With a high rate of relic, endemic and rare species,communities dominated or co dominated by Davidia can be divided into two groups.One group was mainly dominated by deciduous species, and the another has a high rate of evergreen species. Ten community types were identified,and the preserving strategies should be based on in situ protection.