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Systematic legislation for nature conservation with national parks as the main body

Lü Zhongmei()   

  1. School of Law, Tshinghua University, Beijing 100811
  • Online:2019-04-08
  • Lü Zhongmei

The rule-of-law is necessary to achieve reform goals of establishing a protected area system with national parks as the main body, which was proposed in the Report of the Nineteenth CPC National Congress. The establishment of the protected area system involves various ecosystems, administrative agencies, and stakeholders. It is a very complicated process requiring holistic and systematic legislative research. Currently in China, the State is promoting a reform of the national park system and has listed the National Park Law in the legislative plan of the thirteenth National People’s Congress. It is necessary to correctly manage the relationship between the National Park Law and a possible future law of protected areas. Systematic legislation and legislative space for the Law of Protected Areas within the National Park Law are required to establish a connecting mechanism and to coordinate and promote in a concerted manner the National Park Law and the Law of Protected Areas.

Key words: nature conservation land, national parks, Law of Protected Areas, National Park Law

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