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Status of vascular plant species on Hainan Island

Yukai Chen1, 2, Xiaobo Yang1, *(), Donghai Li1, Wenxing Long1   

  1. 1 Key Laboratory of Protection and Development Utilization of Tropical Crop Germplasm Resources of Ministry of Education, Hainan University, Haikou 570228
    2 Ministry of Education Key Laboratory for Tropical Plant and Animal Ecology, College of Life Sciences, Hainan Normal University, Haikou 571158
  • Received:2016-01-03 Accepted:2016-05-25 Online:2016-09-02
  • Yang Xiaobo

Maintaining plant diversity on tropical islands is a priority for biodiversity conservation. Hainan Island, located in the northern tropics, is the second largest island in China with high plant diversity. Several updated plant lists of local flora have been published after decades of field investigations. In this paper, we investigated the plant diversity on Hainan Island by conducting extensive field surveys and a literature review. Results indicated that, as of December 2015, there were 6,036 vascular plants recorded on Hainan Island with voucher specimens or practical materials. Among these species, 1,220 species were revised as synonymously, 4,579 species were wild (including 483 endemic and 512 rare and endangered species), 163 were naturalized species (including 57 invasive species) and 1,294 species were cultivated species. Since the publication of Flora Hainanica in 1964-1977, a large proportion of newly recorded species were mainly wild or introduced species, and accounted for 35.9% and 75.9% of their corresponding totals, respectively.

Key words: flora, rare and endangered plants, endemic plants, naturalized plants, invasive plants, introduced plants

Fig. 1

A map of field surveys on plant diversity on Hainan Island"

Table 1

The top ten families and genera with the largest number of species in Hainan Island"

科名 Family 种数 No. of species 分布类型 Areal type 属名 Genus 种数 No. of species 分布类型 Areal type
兰科 Orchidaceae 298 世界广布 Cosmopolitan 冬青属 Ilex 42 泛热带分布 Pantropic
禾本科 Poaceae 290 世界广布 Cosmopolitan 耳草属 Hedyotis 42 泛热带分布 Pantropic
豆科 Fabaceae 222 世界广布 Cosmopolitan 榕属 Ficus 40 泛热带分布 Pantropic
茜草科 Rubiaceae 208 世界广布 Cosmopolitan 蒲桃属 Syzygium 39 旧世界热带
Old World Tropics
莎草科 Cyperaceae 181 世界广布 Cosmopolitan 飘拂草属 Fimbristylis 35 泛热带分布 Pantropic
大戟科 Euphorbiaceae 159 泛热带分布 Pantropic 莎草属 Cyperus 33 世界广布 Cosmopolitan
菊科 Asteraceae 133 世界广布 Cosmopolitan 紫金牛属 Ardisia 31 泛热带分布 Pantropic
樟科 Lauraceae 108 泛热带分布 Pantropic 柯属 Lithocarpus 29 东亚和北美洲间断分布 Eastern Asian and Northern American disjunction
壳斗科 Fagaceae 75 北温带和南温带间断分布 North Temperate & South Temperate disjuncted 山矾属 Symplocos 26 泛热带分布
爵床科 Acanthaceae 73 泛热带分布 Pantropic 簕竹属 Bambusa 24 泛热带分布 Pantropic
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