Biodiversity Science ›› 1997, Vol. 05 ›› Issue (1): 5-13.doi: 10.17520/biods.1997002

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Species diversity of terrestrial molluskes in different habitats in Xishuangbanna tropical forest region

Chen Deniu, Yang Longlong, Zhang Guoqing   

  • Online:1997-02-20

The species composition and diversity of terrestrial molluskes in 9 different habitats of the tropical forest region in Xishuangbanna are reported in this paper. Approximately 15 000 specimens are collected, and 44 species and subspecies belonging to 3 orders, 15 families, and 36 genera are recongized (table 1). The result of diversity analysis showed that values of species rich ness indexes dMAof 9 habitats range from 0.240 to 4.634, species diversity indexes H′range from 0.100 to 1.043, and evenness indexes JSW range from 0.305 to 0.887 (table 2). Based on similarity coefficients C in table 3, 9 habitats can be clearly clustered into 3 groups by the systematic clustering: rain forest group, Holy Hill group, and secondary habitat group (fig. 1). Holy Hills of Dai nationality play a certain role in the conservation of rain forest species of terrestrial molluskes, which is affected by the sizes of Holy Hills and the level of disturbance caused by human activities. The smaller a Holy Hill and the more serious the disturbance, the more the lost species. If the tropical rain forest is once exploited for cultivation, all the rain forest species of terrestrial molluskes will disappear and be substituted by some non rain forest species with a significant decrease in the number of species.

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