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Biodiversity of entomogenous fungi

Liang Zongqi   

  1. Institute of Entomogenous Fungi Resources,Guizhou Agricultural University,Guiyang 550025
  • Received:1995-05-08 Revised:1995-12-20 Online:1996-11-20 Published:1996-11-20


Entomogenous fungi are distributed among all of fungi.They show diversity in morphology structure,life cycle,reproduction mode,pathogenic mechanism and secondary metabolites.It is very important to understand the diversity of entomogenous fungi for correct identification of their taxonomic position,revealing of infectious unit to host insect,and utilization of the function and secondary metabolites of entomogenous fungi in all aspects and levels.

Key words: Pinus koraiensis, natural regeneration, Key stone species, Sciuride vulgaris