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Current Status of Alligator sinensis


  1. The Administrative Office of the National Nature Reserve for Chinese Alligator, Xuanzhou, Anhui, 242034
  • Received:1995-07-09 Online:1996-12-20 Published:1996-12-20


The status about the resources of Alligator sinensis was investigated by sampling methods from August to September in 1994. In the National Nature Reserve for Chinese Alligator (ANNRCA) in Anhui, 156 marking caves of alligators were found, 77 alligators were seen by lighting-counting method and 253 by visiting. Analysing the results above, there were probably 667- 740 alligators in ANNRCA and the population age pyramid was wide at the top and narrow at the base, which indicated that the survival situation of the population was serious. In the Chinese Alligator Reproduction Research Center of Anhui Province (CARRCAP), there were 4376 alligators by the end of the year 1994, of which 248 were breeding alligators, 1542 recently hatched and 2586 off different ages. The population with an age pyramid that is narrow at the top and wide at the base shows that it has fast growing potential.