· The watershed-scale comprehensive conservation of the Yangtz River Basin and plant genetic diversity
· Exploring the distribution patterns and conservation approaches of biodiversity on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau
· Special Feature: Biological Invasion
· Special Feature: On Implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity
· Special Feature: China’s National Park System Construction
· On the Mandate of Botanical Gardens
· Threatened Species List of China’s Higher Plants
· Natural Hybridization and Biodiversity
· Special Feature: Shennongjia World Natural Heritage Site
· Special Feature: Biodiversity Monitoring
· Special Feature: Study on Floristic Geography in China
· Species Concept
· Marine Biodiversity Under Global Climate Change
· Red List of China’s Vertebrates
· Plant Diversity in the Dry Valleys of Southwest China
· Ecological Protection Redlines
· Forest Dynamics Monitoring
· China Nature Watch
· On IUCN’s Green List of Protected Areas
· Advances in the Use of DNA Barcodes
· On Species Catalogue of China
· Community Structure and Patterns of Tropical and Subtropical Forest in China
· Marine Biodiversity Special Feature
· National Park Special Feature
· From Genome to Diversity
· Camera Trapping to Wildlife Surveys
· Microbes Diversity
· The 20th Anniversary of Biodiversity Science
· Marine Biodiversity Studies in China Seas
· Polination Biology: Theory and Primary Practice
· Forest Biodiversity
· Biological Invasions: Mechanisms, Impacts and Management
· Biodiversity Informatics
· Species Diversity in Biological Communities: Patterns and Mechanisms
· Conservation Biology: Status Quo and Challenges
· Studies on Plant–Pollinator Interaction
· Impact of The Three Gorges Project on Biodiversity
· The Final Frontier: Soil Biodiversity
· Exploring the Mechamism of Species Endangerment and Conservation Strategy in the Rangtze River Drainage
· Exploring Altitudinal Patterns of Plant Diversity of China's Mountains