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Studies on the resources and gene pool bases of the Magnoliaceous plants in Yunnan Province

Li Daxiao, Yang Shaochen, Shui Xite   

  1. 1)Yunnan Academy of Forest Sciences,Kunming 650204
    2)The Forest Bureau of Wenshan Prefecture,Yunnan Province,663000
    3Xiang pingshan Forest Farm of Xichou country,Yunnan Province 663500)
  • Received:1994-08-10 Online:1995-11-20

The Magnoliaceous plants in Yunnan had been investigated during the last 14 years. Magnoliaceae consists of 11 genera and over 120 species in Yunnan Province, distributed primarily in three regions: southeastern Yunnan, southwestern Yunnan and northwestern Yunnan. Three gene pool bases covered an erea of 24 hm2 have been established in Kunming, Wenshan and Xichou respectively and introduced 10 genera and 129 species to form gene pool networks for conservation, development and utilization of the magnoliaceous plants.

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