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Special Issue: On Species Catalogue of China

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Preliminary survey of mammal diversity by camera traps and line transects in Shuanghe National Nature Reserve, Northeast China

Peng Zhang1, 2, Guangshun Jiang1, *(), Zhishu Xiao2, *()   

  1. 1 College of Wildlife Resources, Northeast Forestry University, Harbin 150040
    2 State Key Laboratory of Integrated Management of Pest Insects and Rodents in Agriculture, Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100101
  • Received:2014-03-20 Accepted:2014-10-08 Online:2014-12-11
  • Jiang Guangshun,Xiao Zhishu;

Fig. 1

Map of camera trapping stations (each black dot shows one camera trap) and line transects in Shuanghe National Nature Reserve"

Fig. 2

Accumulative curve of species richness with increasing trap days using camera traps"

Table S1

Mammals recorded by camera traps in Shuanghe National Nature Reserve"

物种 Species 独立照片
Number of independent photographs
Relative abundance index
Sample occurrence rate
(NIP) (RAI) (SOR, %)
偶蹄目 Artiodactyla
鹿科 Cervidae
西伯利亚狍 Capreolus pygargus 26 1.27 53.3
欧亚驼鹿 Alces alces 1 0.05 3.3
猪科 Suidae
野猪 Sus scrofa 1 0.05 6.7
啮齿目 Rodentia
松鼠科 Sciuridae
松鼠 Sciurus vulgaris 5 0.25 13.3
食肉目 Carnivora
鼬科 Mustelidae
貂熊 Gulo gulo 2 0.1 10.0
兔形目 Lagomorpha
兔科 Leporidae
雪兔 Lepus timidus 83 4.06 63.3

Table S2

Mammals recorded by line transect survey in Shuanghe National Nature Reserve (new tracks within 24 hours)"

物种 Species 样线总长
Total length of line transect
Total number of track
Relative foot print frequency
(TL) (TNT) (RFP)
偶蹄目 Artiodactyla
鹿科 Cervidae
西伯利亚狍 Capreolus pygargus 24 km 93 3.87
欧亚驼鹿 Alces alces 24 km 8 0.33
马鹿 Cervus elaphus 24 km 6 0.25
猪科 Suidae
野猪 Sus scrofa 24 km 2 0.08
食肉目 Carnivora
鼬科 Mustelidae
紫貂 Martes zibellina 24 km 4 0.17
黄鼬 Mustela sibirica 24 km 1 0.04
猫科 Felidae
猞猁 Lynx lynx 24 km 4 0.17
兔形目 Lagomorpha
兔科 Leporidae
雪兔 Lepus timidus 24 km 39 1.63

Fig. S1

Important mammals recorded from camera traps in Shuanghe National Nature Reserve"

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