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Species catalogue of Lauraceae in China: problems and perspectives

Yong Yang*(), Bing Liu   

  1. State Key Laboratory of Systematic and Evolutionary Botany, Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100093
  • Received:2015-01-29 Accepted:2015-03-18 Online:2015-04-09
  • Yang Yong

Fig. 1

Historical changes in the amount of specific and infraspecific names of Lauraceae in China"

Table 1

Changes in species number in different genera of Lauraceae from China compared with Flora of China (FOC)"

FOC 本文
This study
黄肉楠属 Actinodaphne Nees 17 17 0
油丹属 Alseodaphne Nees 10 10 0
琼楠属 Beilschmiedia Nees 41 42 1
檬果樟属 Caryodaphnopsis Airy Shaw 3 5 2
无根藤属 Cassytha L. 1 1 0
樟属 Cinnamomum Schaeffer 49 48 -1
厚壳桂属 Cryptocarya R. Brown 21 20 -1
莲桂属 Dehaasia Blume 3 3 0
单花木姜子属 Dodecadenia Nees 2 2 0
土楠属 Endiandra R. Br. 3 3 0
单花山胡椒属 Iteadaphne Blume 1 1 0
月桂属 Laurus L. 1 1 0
山胡椒属 Lindera Thunberg 46 46 0
木姜子属 Litsea Lamarck 91 93 2
润楠属 Machilus Rumphius ex Nees 89 95 6
新樟属 Neocinnamomum H. Liu 5 5 0
新木姜子属 Neolitsea
(Bentham et Hook. f.) Merrill
51 51 0
赛楠属 Nothaphoebe Blume 2 0 -2
拟檫木属 Parasassafras D. G. Long 1 1 0
鳄梨属 Persea Miller 1 1 0
楠属 Phoebe Nees 38 34 -4
檫木属 Sassafras J. Presl 2 2 0
孔药楠属 Sinopora J. Li et al. 1 1 0
华檫木属 Sinosassafras H. W. Li 1 1 0
油果樟属 Syndiclis Hook. f. 9 9 0
总计 Total 489 492 3

Fig. 2

Phylogenetic relationships of genera of Lauraceae from China, a Bayesian consensus tree based on ITS, psbA-trnH, rpl16, and trnL-trnH. Values of Bayesian posterior probability greater than 0.8 are shown at the nodes. The number in brackets indicates species number."

Fig. S1

Distribution of Lauraceae in China"

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