Biodiversity Science ›› 2000, Vol. 08 ›› Issue (1): 60-64.doi: 10.17520/biods.2000008

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The population density and commnnity structure of the pheasants in northern Qinling Mountains

YU Yu-Qun, WU Jian-Ping, GUO Song-Tao, HE Peng-Ju, JI Ming-Zhou, HU Yong-Le   

  1. 1) Northwest Institute of Endangered Zoological Species , Xi’an  710032
    2) College of Wildlife Resources , Northwest Forestry University , Harbin  150040
    3) Zhouzhi National Nature Reserve of Shaanxi , Zhouzhi  710400
  • Received:1999-04-19 Revised:1999-08-17 Online:2000-02-20

Zhouzhi Nature Reserve in north Qinling Mountains might be divided into four geo- biotic zones. The population density and community structure of the pheasants were studied by Gates lines transect . The result shows that species diversity of pheasants relates to altitude and vegetation. The diversity of pheasants is influenced by the stability of environment . Golden pheasant can be found at altitudes of up to 2700 m in the winter.

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