Biodiversity Science ›› 1997, Vol. 05 ›› Issue (4): 296-300.doi: 10.17520/biods.1997051

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Chinese classics and biodiversity conservation

Lu Ankui1), Liu Wen1), Li Yicong2), Qiu Shi3)   

  1. 1)Department of Philosophy , Party School of Harbin Municipal Party Comittee , Harbin  150080
    2)Department of Biochemical Engineering , Heilongjiang Broadcasting and TV University , Harbin  150080
    3) The Humanities College , Northeast Forestry University , Harbin  150040
  • Received:1995-08-11 Revised:1996-09-02 Online:1997-11-20

The technological process to reconstruct ecosystem with the ancient books was introduced in this paper. Chinese classics will play an essential role in this aspect. To confirm what is the suitable ecosystem as the natural one is crucial for biodiversity conservation. Under the guidance of the Chinese classics, including medical literature, books of treatise on agriculture and district history, the artificial complex ecosystem in present can be gradually returned into the natural ecosystem similar to one in the ancient time. Thus we can reach the goal of the biodiversity conservation.

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