Biodiversity Science ›› 1997, Vol. 05 ›› Issue (4): 263-270.doi: 10.17520/biods.1997045

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The effects of human caused disturbance on species diversity of forest community in northern Fujian Province

Zhu Jinmao1), Jiang Zhilin2), Jiang Wei3), Zheng Qunrui4), Jiang Xunqiang5)   

  1. 1) Fujian Normal University , Fuzhou  350007
     2) Nanjing Forestry University , Nanjing  210037
     3) Forestry Committee of Jian’ou City , Jian’ou  353100
    4) Administrative Office of Wanmulin Nature Reserve , Jian’ou  353105
     5) Forestry Committee of Shunchang County , Shunchang  353200
  • Received:1996-06-24 Revised:1997-03-10 Online:1997-11-20

This paper analyzes the species diversity of the long closed conserved forest(CF) and the degraded forest(DF) caused by human disturbance in northern Fujian Province. The result indicates that the plant species richness and Shannon-Wiener indices in DF communities are similar to that in CF communities. But the species diversity of composition and layer structure had significantly changed. The basis of species-population in community had consequently degraded. There is less rare and extincting species in DF communities than that in CF communities, and the species diversity in CF community is practically different than that in DF community.

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