Biodiversity Science ›› 1997, Vol. 05 ›› Issue (3): 197-201.doi: 10.17520/biods.1997032

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The distribution of freshwater fish and the relationship between species diversity and basin characteristics of main rivers in China

Wang Shoukun   

  • Received:1996-01-17 Revised:1996-07-03 Online:1997-08-20

The cluster analysis  of  distribution  of  the    freshwater  fish  of 13 rivers in China was dealt with. The  results showed that the geographical variations of freshwater fish of Minjiang River and Jiulong River were the lowest. The  Oujiang River and Qiantang River,  Huaihe River and Huanghe River, and the rivers in Northeast China  were  clustered together  early respectively.  When coeficients of dissimilarity  were   0.60~0.69, 13 rivers were divided into 3 clusters: the rivers of Northeast China, rivers between Huanghe River and Zhujiang River,  Yuanjiang River of  Yunnan Province. The effects of  the  characteristics  of  the river basin on species numbers of freshwater fish had been studied  by using correlationships and regression  analysis. There  were  positive significant correlationship among the diversity  of  freshwater  fish species and the drainage area of the rivers (P<0.05), the discharge  of the rivers per year averagely (P<0.01) respectively. The  diversity  of fish species of the river per  unit  area  and    per  unit  length  of mainstream related positively  with    the  runfall  and  the  falling gradient of the rivers (P<0.01)  respectively  and  related  negatively with the average latitudes of the rivers (P<0.05). The  result  of  PCA showed that 1st and 2nd principal components revealed  correlations  among absolute and relative numbers of fish species and the  characteristics of the river basin respectively.

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