Biodiversity Science ›› 1996, Vol. 04 ›› Issue (Suppl.): 36-43.doi: 10.17520/biods.1996045

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The Conservation Status of Hong Kong's Tree Flora


  1. [1]Department of Plant Protection, South China Agricultural University, Guangzhou 510642
    [2]Department of Ecology and Biodiversity, University of Hong Kong, Pok fulam Road, Hong Kong
  • Received:1995-10-30 Online:1996-12-20

Since 1840, 333 native tree species have been recorded in Hong Kong. However, as a result of past and present land use practices, many forest tree tax a are in danger of extinction. Since the late 1970s, a systematic conservation system has been established in Hong Kong. Most of the forest and many plant species are protected by law. This paper reports the current conservation status of the tree flora of Hong Kong, based on a study of forest ecology and floristics between 1989 - 1996. The relevance of Hong Kong's experience to the conservation of China's tree flora is also briefly discussed.

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