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The species diversity of planktonic Amphipoda in China Seas

Lin Jinghong, Chen Mingda, Chen Ruixiang   

  1. Third Institute of Oceanography , State Oceanic Administration , Xiamen 361005
  • Received:1995-03-06 Online:1996-11-20

Up to now, 122 species of planktonic Amphipoda in China Seas were found. The distributional characteristic of species shows that the species number and the warm-water species are on the increase from the north toward the south waters and from coastal toward the off-coastal waters. The planktonic Amphipoda in the Bohai Sea and north and southwest waters of the Huanghai Sea  belong to the warm temperate zone distribution. The southeast water of Huanghai Sea and northwest waters of the Donghai Seas belong to the transition zone between the warm temperate zone distribution and tropical zone distribution. The planktonic Amphipoda in the east and southwest waters of the Donghai Seas, the Taiwan Strait and the Nanhai Seas  belongs to the tropical zone distribution .  The characteristic of the tropical oceanic distribution in east waters of the Donghai Sea and middle and south waters of the Nanhai Seas is marked.

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