Biodiversity Science ›› 1995, Vol. 03 ›› Issue (2): 95-98.doi: 10.17520/biods.1995017

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The vicissitudes of gazelle (Procapra gutturosa) distribution in China and the sustainable use of the re-sources

Zhang Zixue , Sun Jingping, Bai Shaoli, Wang Zhongen   

  1. Inner Mongolia Environmental Protection Monitoring Central Station,010055
  • Received:1994-04-25 Revised:1994-09-26 Online:1995-05-20

The gazelle distributed widely over the northern China , but they can be found along the border betweenthe northern Inner Mongolia and Mongolia up to date. Environmental changes, human activity and over-hunting have been the main causes for the gradual reduction of gazelle's distribution. It was strongly sug-gested that a gazelle natural reserve should be set up as soon as possible to establish an excellent habitat forgazelles living and breeding. Then, gazelle resources can be utilized sustainably.

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