Biodiversity Science ›› 1994, Vol. 02 ›› Issue (1): 16-20.doi: 10.17520/biods.1994003

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The research of Chinese migratory bird banding

Zhang Fuyun   

  1. National Bird Banding Certre,Beijing 100091
  • Received:1993-08-19 Online:1994-02-20

Bird banding is the simpliest,but most efficent scientific means to reveal avian migration.Since the construc-tion of National Bird Banding Centre of China in 1982,more than 60 banding stations and sites have been set up under the leadership of the Ministry of Forestry until 1990,and 62 755individals of 186 migrants species have been banded,413 of them recovered in China or abroad.The recoveries of migrants have offered mo - mentous information for East Asia avian migration studies.It has been proved that:1 .Birds can fly over Hi- malayas on their passage ways;2.The speculation of Chinese bird migration routines is correct; 3.White - naped Cranes breeding in Northeast China fly to Kiushu in Ssouthern Japan for Wintering.japanese Cranes and some others migrate along eastern coast and winter in lower part of Yangtze River wetlands,sharing the same places with cranes from Siberia in Russia ; 4.Comparison of passage ways of some species with those of the same ones in Japan indicated that,there are two parallel from - south- to- north routines through China and Japan in West Pacific region.There are more data to show more conlusions;in the mean while,they also in- dicated the key position China stands in migration studies of West Pacific.

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