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Conservation and Research of Wild Plant Diversity in the Botanic Gardens of the Chinese Academy of Sciences


  1. Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, CAS, Mengla 666303 (china)
  • Online:2013-01-14

The botanic gardens of CAS (Chinese Academy of Sciences) have played an important role in the conservation and research of China's wild plant diversity since their establishment. About 13 000 species, or 45-50% of the China's flora, have been cultivated in the botanic gardens of China, in which over 200 species, occupying up to 55-60% of the total plant species that are listed as being rare, endangered and
endemic by the Chinese government, have been emphasized for special and prior conservation. In order to make the conservation more effective, some considerations including key objects and regions for prior conservation of plant diversity, and major fields of research are discussed in this paper.

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