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2018 Vol.26 Issue 6
Published 20 June 2018

The Altay Prefecture of Xinjiang, China, which shares international boundaries with Kazakhstan, Russia and Mongolia, has typical landscapes of boreal coniferous forest and temperate desert. The diverse habitats have developed a specific reptilian fauna. Tao et al (for details see pages 578–589 of this issue) studied the reptilian fauna and elevational patterns of the reptile species diversity in Altay Prefecture. They analyzed the impacts of annual mean temperature and annual precipitation on the pattern of reptiles, and discussed the possible reasons for the changes of reptile diversity along the altitude. From the left to right, from the upper to bottom, they are the representative species of the sub-order of Serpentes in the Altay Prefecture: Tartar sand boa Eryx tataricus (photoed by Chunwang Li), desert sand boa E. miliaris (photoed by Chunwang Li), steppe ribbon racer Psammophis lineolatus (photoed by Ming Fan), European adder Vipera berus (photoed by Shaopeng Cui), and central Asian pitviper Gloydius intermedius (photoed by Chunyan Jiang).

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All Papers in This Issue
2018 Vol. 26 (6): 0-0 [Abstract] ( 4 ) [PDF 17634KB] ( 12 )
Original Papers: Plant Diversity
535  Qinhong Ma, Yanpeng Li, Juyu Lian, Wanhui Ye
Difference in survival response of tree species to neighborhood crowding in a lower subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest of Dinghushan
2018 Vol. 26 (6): 535-544 [Abstract] ( 204 ) RICH HTML [PDF 775KB] ( 479 )
545  Chuping Wu, Wenjuan Han, Bo Jiang, Bowen Liu, Weigao Yuan, Aihua Shen, Yujie Huang, Jinru Zhu
Relationships between species richness and biomass/productivity depend on environmental factors in secondary forests of Dinghai, Zhejiang Province
2018 Vol. 26 (6): 545-553 [Abstract] ( 223 ) RICH HTML [PDF 680KB] ( 386 )
554  Chenyang Xue, Yufeng Xu, Bo Qu
Comparison of morphology, photosynthesis, and growth among Xanthium strumarium, X. sibiricum and their hybrid under different nitrogen levels
2018 Vol. 26 (6): 554-563 [Abstract] ( 174 ) RICH HTML [PDF 1155KB] ( 318 )
564  Jiang Zhang, Guifang Li, Yaling He, Yudi Mu, Li Zhuang, Hongling Liu
Water utilization sources of Populus euphratica trees of different ages in the lower reaches of Tarim River
2018 Vol. 26 (6): 564-571 [Abstract] ( 82 ) RICH HTML [PDF 589KB] ( 220 )
572  Zejin Zhang, Yanpei Guo, Jin-Sheng He, Zhiyao Tang
Conservation status of Wild Plant Species with Extremely Small Populations in China
2018 Vol. 26 (6): 572-577 [Abstract] ( 299 ) RICH HTML [PDF 1279KB] ( 598 )
Original Papers: Animal Diversity
578  Xiaqiu Tao, Shaopeng Cui, Zhigang Jiang, Hongjun Chu, Na Li, Daode Yang, Chunwang Li
Reptilian fauna and elevational patterns of the reptile species diversity in Altay Prefecture in Xinjiang, China
2018 Vol. 26 (6): 578-589 [Abstract] ( 142 ) RICH HTML [PDF 2883KB] ( 357 )
590  Xuemeng Hong, Xinyu Ge, Junlan Li
Butterfly diversity and its influencing factors in Saihanwula Nature Reserve
2018 Vol. 26 (6): 590-600 [Abstract] ( 125 ) RICH HTML [PDF 826KB] ( 250 )
601  Kaida Xu, Kaner Lu, Zhanhui Lu, Qian Dai
Ecological niche analysis of dominant shrimp species in the Jiushan Islands Marine Nature Reserve
2018 Vol. 26 (6): 601-610 [Abstract] ( 116 ) RICH HTML [PDF 1244KB] ( 225 )
Original Papers: Microbial Diversity
611  Mei Zhang, Mashui Lin, Xiuxiu Cao, Shumin Zhao, Daqing Jiang, Bingxuan Wang, Shiying Wang, Yandi Fan, Ming Guo, Haiping Lin
Difference in pH value and nutrient and bacterial diversity in the Carya cathayensis forest soil under different management models
2018 Vol. 26 (6): 611-619 [Abstract] ( 144 ) RICH HTML [PDF 3025KB] ( 303 )
620  Cheng Tian, Junqing Li, Xuyu Yang, Lin Yu, Dan Yuan, Yunxi Li
Preliminary surveys of wild animals using infrared camera in Wanglang National Nature Reserve, Sichuan Province
2018 Vol. 26 (6): 620-626 [Abstract] ( 149 ) RICH HTML [PDF 543KB] ( 331 )
627  Lingli Deng, Cheng Du, Shuai Liao, Jinshuang Ma
Discussion and recommendation regarding the spelling of Chinese names of plant taxonomists
2018 Vol. 26 (6): 627-635 [Abstract] ( 304 ) RICH HTML [PDF 402KB] ( 401 )
636  Zhengjun Guan, Shunbao Lu, Yanlin Huo, Haoyong Hao, Jianbin Cao, Wei Wei, Biao Liu
Effects of Bt crops on non-target insect pests
2018 Vol. 26 (6): 636-644 [Abstract] ( 121 ) RICH HTML [PDF 372KB] ( 302 )
645  Weilin Fu, Mei Dong, Wenhua Yang, Xingyuan Yang, Yujue Wang, Gong Cheng
Protection of Chinese traditional knowledge in the backdrop of the Nagoya Protocol: A case study on acid tea of the De’ang Minority
2018 Vol. 26 (6): 645-650 [Abstract] ( 150 ) RICH HTML [PDF 433KB] ( 238 )
Book review on two textbooks of vegetation ecology and a short discussion about the importance of local case studies in ecology textbooks
2018 Vol. 26 (6): 651-653 [Abstract] ( 303 ) RICH HTML [PDF 431KB] ( 804 )
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