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2014 Vol.22 Issue 4
Published 20 July 2014

The blue sheep or bharal (Pseudois nayaur), a wild ungulate species under state protection (category ii) of China, is endemic to the Tibetan Plateau and its peripheral areas. Two subspecies, P. n. nayaur and P. n. szechuanensis have been recognized, which inhabit alpine bare rock regions in social groups. Bao et al. (for details see pages 539–545 of this issue) studied the dynamics in species diversity of the vertebrates over the past two decades in Gansu Anxi Extreme Arid National Nature Reserve. The picture, taken by infrared camera trap, shows P. n. szechuanensis population distributed in the high mountain of the e reserve.

Current Issue
415 Keping Ma
Nature conservation is the first priority for a national park Hot!
2014 Vol. 22 (4): 415-417 [Abstract] [PDF 270KB]
418 Chunquan Zhu
Perspective on development of national park system in China Hot!
2014 Vol. 22 (4): 418-420 [Abstract] [PDF 350KB]
421 Zhi Lü
National parks in China: a challenge or an opportunity? Hot!
2014 Vol. 22 (4): 421-422 [Abstract] [PDF 228KB]
423 Guangchun Lei, Qing Zeng
Perspectives on national parks: enlightenment from the development of global nature conservation Hot!
2014 Vol. 22 (4): 423-424 [Abstract] [PDF 326KB]
425 Zhiyun Ouyang, Weihua Xu
Integrating nature protection system and establishing national parks under legislation Hot!
2014 Vol. 22 (4): 425-426 [Abstract] [PDF 376KB]
427 Xiaoping Tang
On the system of national parks and the path of development in China Hot!
2014 Vol. 22 (4): 427-430 [Abstract] [PDF 375KB]
431 Min Wang, Zhe Liu, Xiangzhao Feng, Chunxiu Tian
Cross-boundary issues under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and Convention on Biodiversity
2014 Vol. 22 (4): 431-437 [Abstract] [PDF 344KB]
Original Papers
438 Mengmeng Lu, Xiaocui Huang, Xiuqin Ci, Guoping Yang, Jie Li
Phylogenetic community structure of subtropical forests along elevational gradients in Ailao Mountains of southwest China Hot!
2014 Vol. 22 (4): 438-448 [Abstract] [PDF 644KB]
449 Ting Wang, Siyuan Ren, Zhiliang Yuan, Yan Zhu, Na Pan, Luxin Li, Yongzhong Ye
Effects of density dependence on the spatial patterns of Quercus aliena var. acuteserrata trees in deciduous broad-leaved forest in the Baotianman Nature Reserve, central China
2014 Vol. 22 (4): 449-457 [Abstract] [PDF 626KB]
458 Ping Zhuang
Analysis of the flowering-leafing phenorhythm of 42 Rhododendron species conserved ex situ in Dujiangyan, Sichuan Province, China
2014 Vol. 22 (4): 458-466 [Abstract] [PDF 452KB]
467 Yunfang Zhong, Zhe Zhang, Xiqiang Song, Zhaode Zhou
Pollination biology of Impatiens hainanensis (Balsaminaceae) populations at different altitudes
2014 Vol. 22 (4): 467-475 [Abstract] [PDF 542KB]
476 Min Xiong, Shuang Tian, Zhirong Zhang, Dengmei Fan, Zhiyong Zhang
Population genetic structure and conservation units of Sinomanglietia glauca (Magnoliaceae)
2014 Vol. 22 (4): 476-484 [Abstract] [PDF 568KB]
485 Shicai Shen, Gaofeng Xu, Fudou Zhang, Guimei Jin, Yuhua Zhang
Effects of sweet potato (Ipomoea batas) cultivation on the community composition and diversity of weeds in arid fields Hot!
2014 Vol. 22 (4): 485-491 [Abstract] [PDF 377KB]
492 Yuyang Zhang, Zhipeng Sha, Fachun Guan, Junfeng Wang
Effect of raising geese in cornfield on ecological characteristics of weed community
2014 Vol. 22 (4): 492-501 [Abstract] [PDF 532KB]
502 Shuai Liu, Baoping Li, Ling Meng, Xuhui Zhang, Genxing Pan
Effects of elevated CO2 and increased temperature on wheat field arthropod community
2014 Vol. 22 (4): 502-507 [Abstract] [PDF 566KB]
508 Jingbo Kan, Lina Li, Dong Qu, Baoli Wang
Changes in bacterial abundance and community structure associated with flooding in paddy soil
2014 Vol. 22 (4): 508-515 [Abstract] [PDF 500KB]
516 Jia Hang, Yun Shi, Wenhui Liu, Dahan He
Diversity of ground-dwelling beetles (Coleoptera) in restored habitats in the hill and gully area of Loess Plateau, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region
2014 Vol. 22 (4): 516-524 [Abstract] [PDF 877KB]
Composition of the Taiwan Strait fish fauna
2014 Vol. 22 (4): 525-531 [Abstract] [PDF 361KB]
532 Jianguo Du, Guanqiong Ye, Bin Chen, Xinqing Zheng
Changes in the marine trophic index of Chinese marine area
2014 Vol. 22 (4): 532-538 [Abstract] [PDF 480KB]
Research Bulletins
539 Xin-Kang BAO Zeng-Wu Yang Wei Zhao Yong-Wei Yang Liang Wang
The alteration of the vertebrate resources over the past two decades in Gansu Anxi Extreme Arid National Nature Reserve
2014 Vol. 22 (4): 539-545 [Abstract] [PDF 865KB]
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