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2014 Vol.22 Issue 5
Published 20 September 2014

Goldlined glowfish (Gnathodentex aurolineatus) widely distributed in Indo-Pacific. It inhabits reef flats, lagoons, and seaward reefs in groups. Gao et al. (for details see pages 618–623 of this issue) studied the species diversity and trophic structure of reef fishes in the water of the Xisha Archipelago. The results showed that Goldlined glowfish is a dominant species in this region. The picture shows the color, the assemblage movement and the coral reef background. (Ph otographed by Jianhui Yang)

Current Issue
547 Dayuan Xue
On the national regime for access and benefit-sharing of genetic resources and associated traditional knowledge in China: an enlightenment from coming into force of Nagoya Protocol Hot!
2014 Vol. 22 (5): 547-548 [Abstract] [PDF 285KB]
549 Lei Li, Jiakuan Chen
Influence of climate change on wild plants and the conservation strategies Hot!
2014 Vol. 22 (5): 549-563 [Abstract] [PDF 463KB]
Original Papers
564 Wanting Peng, Peng Luo, Changqing Liu, Ronghua Tang, Yuanzhi Pan
A rapid and quantitative assessment of wetland vegetation restoration effects with Floristic Quality Assessment Index Hot!
2014 Vol. 22 (5): 564-573 [Abstract] [PDF 1396KB]
574 Siyuan Ren, Ting Wang, Yan Zhu, Yongzhong Ye, Zhiliang Yuan, Cong Li, Na Pan, Luxin Li
Phylogenetic structure of individuals with different DBH sizes in a deciduous broad-leaved forest community in the temperate-subtropical ecological transition zone, China
2014 Vol. 22 (5): 574-582 [Abstract] [PDF 455KB]
583 Chunyan Pi, Yan Liu
Bryophyte composition and diversity within anthropogenic habitats in a residential area of Chongqing municipality city
2014 Vol. 22 (5): 583-588 [Abstract] [PDF 648KB]
589 Peng Cui, Haigen Xu, Jun Wu, Hui Ding, Mingchang Cao, Xiaoqiang Lu, Fan Yong, Bing Chen
Assessing the Red List Index for vertebrate species in China
2014 Vol. 22 (5): 589-595 [Abstract] [PDF 268KB]
596 Zhi Zheng, Dajie Gong, Chengxiang Sun, Xiaojun Li, Wanjiang Li
Elevational pattern of amphibian and reptile diversity in Qinling Range and explanation Hot!
2014 Vol. 22 (5): 596-607 [Abstract] [PDF 922KB]
608 Fang Liu, Qi Li, Congcong Shen, Haiyan Chu, Wenju Liang
Distribution of gymnamoebae communities along an elevational gradient in Changbai Mountains
2014 Vol. 22 (5): 608-617 [Abstract] [PDF 754KB]
Marine Biodiversity Special Feature
618 Yongli Gao, Hui Huang, Jiansheng Lian, Jianhui Yang
The species diversity and trophic structure of reef fishes in the waters of the Xisha Archipelago
2014 Vol. 22 (5): 618-623 [Abstract] [PDF 875KB]
624 Jianji Liao, Xinqing Zheng, Jianguo Du, Bin Chen, Zhiyuan Ma, Wenjia Hu
Biodiversity and trophic level characteristics of fishes captured by set nets in Tong’an Bay, Xiamen
2014 Vol. 22 (5): 624-629 [Abstract] [PDF 621KB]
630 Caiyun Zhao, Xiaoyan Liu, Jiade Bai, Fengchun Lü, Junsheng Li
Impact of Spartina alterniflora on benthic macro-invertebrates communities on mangrove wetland in Xicungang Estuary, Guangxi
2014 Vol. 22 (5): 630-639 [Abstract] [PDF 442KB]
640 Yanbin Tang, Yibo Liao, Lu Shou, Jiangning Zeng, Aigen Gao, Quanzhen Chen, Qinghai Sun
Influence of coralline algae on biodiversity of macrobenthic community in intertidal zone of Nanji Islands
2014 Vol. 22 (5): 640-648 [Abstract] [PDF 572KB]
649 Xue Chen, Wuchang Zhang, Qiang Wu, Qingshan Luan, Tian Xiao
Seasonal change of the community of large-sized tintinnids (Ciliophora, Tintinnida) in Laizhou Bay
2014 Vol. 22 (5): 649-657 [Abstract] [PDF 873KB]
Research Bulletins
658 Guoyu Lan, Zhixiang Wu, Guishui Xie
Characteristics of plant species diversity of rubber plantation in Hainan Island Hot!
2014 Vol. 22 (5): 658-666 [Abstract] [PDF 1191KB]
667 Xiaoling Yan, Quanru Liu, Haiyang Shou, Xianfeng Zeng, Yong Zhang, Li Chen, Yan Liu, Haiying Ma, Shuyan Qi, Jinshuang Ma
The categorization and analysis on the geographic distribution patterns of Chinese alien invasive plants Hot!
2014 Vol. 22 (5): 667-676 [Abstract] [PDF 888KB]
677 Chunxin Zang, Lei Cai, Xiao Guan, Jing Xu, Junsheng Li
Review the progress of negotiations of the Intergovernmental Committee for the Nagoya Protocol on Access and Benefit-sharing
2014 Vol. 22 (5): 677-681 [Abstract] [PDF 306KB]
2014 Vol. 22 (5): 682-682 [Abstract] [PDF 216KB]
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