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2014 Vol.22 Issue 3
Published 20 May 2014

Deciduous shrub of Sophora moorcroftiana is the major vegetation type in the riparian zone of the middle reaches of the Yarlung Zangbo River. This species is widely distributed in arid and warm sandy habitats of the broad valley from Lazi to Zedang regions. Sophora moorcroftiana community has low species richness. La et al. studied plant species richness pattern along the Yarlung Zangbo River, and the association with environmental factors (for details see pages 337–347 of this issue). The picture shows the S. moorcroftiana community in the broad valley of the middle reaches of the Yarlung Zangbo River. (Photographed by Ciren Dunzhu)

Current Issue
251 Keping Ma
Rapid development of biodiversity informatics in China
2014 Vol. 22 (3): 251-252 [Abstract] [PDF 237KB]
Biodiversity Informatics
253 Kwangtsao Shao, Han Lee, Yungchang Lin, Kunchi Lai
A review of marine biodiversity information resources
2014 Vol. 22 (3): 253-263 [Abstract] [PDF 566KB]
264 Lisong Wang, Vincent S Smith, Hongrui Zhang, Xianchun Zhang
Scratchpads 2.0: a virtual research environment for biodiversity sciences in the Internet era
2014 Vol. 22 (3): 264-276 [Abstract] [PDF 801KB]
277 Huijie Qiao, Congtian Lin, Jiangning Wang, Liqiang Ji
Process-oriented ecological modeling approach and scientific workflow system
2014 Vol. 22 (3): 277-284 [Abstract] [PDF 347KB]
285 Chunxia Zeng, Yanan Wang, Yuhua Wang, Hong Wang
Plant DNA barcoding and framework for biodiversity data sharing platform
2014 Vol. 22 (3): 285-292 [Abstract] [PDF 282KB]
293 Xiaolei Huang, Gexia Qiao
Sharing and publishing of biodiversity data: recent trends and future suggestions
2014 Vol. 22 (3): 293-301 [Abstract] [PDF 458KB]
Marine Biodiversity
302 Jinghuai Zhang
The variation of biodiversity of macrobenthic fauna with salinity and water depth near the Pearl Estuary of the northern South China Sea
2014 Vol. 22 (3): 302-310 [Abstract] [PDF 584KB]
311 Yong Xu, Weiwei Xian, Wenlong Li
Spatial and temporal variations of invertebrate community in the Yangtze River Estuary and its adjacent waters
2014 Vol. 22 (3): 311-319 [Abstract] [PDF 581KB]
320 Rouxin Sun, Yanguo Wang, Guangshan Lian, Mao Lin
Distribution and community characteristics of planktonic copepods in the northwest coastal waters off Hainan Island
2014 Vol. 22 (3): 320-328 [Abstract] [PDF 678KB]
329 Yulong Pan, Ruixiang Li, Shuang Liu, Sheng Zhao, Yiting Liu
Taxonomy and morphological identification of Pyrocystaceae (Pyrocystales, Dinophyta) species on the coasts of China
2014 Vol. 22 (3): 329-336 [Abstract] [PDF 325KB]
Original Papers
337 La Qiong, Zhaxi Ciren, Weidong Zhu, Min Xu, Yang Zhong
Plant species-richness and association with environmental factors in the riparian zone of the Yarlung Zangbo River of Tibet, China
2014 Vol. 22 (3): 337-347 [Abstract] [PDF 798KB]
348 Dayong Han, Yunfei Yang
Species abundance–distribution relationship and its interpretation in plant communities on the Songnen grasslands, China
2014 Vol. 22 (3): 348-357 [Abstract] [PDF 630KB]
358 Yuanjie Xu, Dunmei Lin, Xiangcheng Mi, Haibao Ren, Keping Ma
Recovery dynamics of secondary forests with different disturbance intensity in the Gutianshan National Nature Reserve
2014 Vol. 22 (3): 358-365 [Abstract] [PDF 544KB]
366 Can Zhao, Weimin Dai, Shushun Li, Shouhui Wei, Jiguang Wei, Chaobin Zhang, Sheng Qiang
Change in weed seed bank diversity over 13 consecutive years of riceduck and straw returning farming system in the rice-wheat rotated wheat fields
2014 Vol. 22 (3): 366-374 [Abstract] [PDF 491KB]
375 Aihong Yang, Jinju Zhang, Hua Tian, Xiaohong Yao, Hongwen Huang
Microsatellite genetic diversity and fine-scale spatial genetic structure within a natural stand of Liriodendron chinense (Magnoliaceae) in Lanmushan, Duyun City, Guizhou Province
2014 Vol. 22 (3): 375-384 [Abstract] [PDF 526KB]
Research Bulletins
385 Tianyou Yang, Xiufa Hou, Yingxiang Wang, Jiang Zhou
Bat species diversity and conservation in Libo World Natural Heritage Site of South China Karst
2014 Vol. 22 (3): 385-391 [Abstract] [PDF 364KB]
392 Cui Hua, Pengfei Wu, Xianjin He, Bo Zhu
Effects of different amounts of straw returning treatments on soil nematode community in purple soil
2014 Vol. 22 (3): 392-400 [Abstract] [PDF 410KB]
401 Haifeng Gu, Zhaohe Luo, Lili Liu, Yue Gao
First report of Gyrodinium fusiforme and G. moestrupii (Dinophyceae) in China Sea waters
2014 Vol. 22 (3): 401-406 [Abstract] [PDF 504KB]
407 Ying Liu, Yueyu Zou, Liucai Zhu, Weiling Wu, Pei Li
Major policies and measures on biodiversity adaptation to climate change: international experience and enlightenment
2014 Vol. 22 (3): 407-413 [Abstract] [PDF 208KB]
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