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2014 Vol.22 Issue 2
Published 20 March 2014

The northern tropical karst seasonal rain forest, best preserved in Nonggang National Nature Reserve, Guangxi, is the most remarkable type of karst forest in the world. This limestone karst forest has a high species richness, abundant endemic biological species. In this issue, Wang et al. and Huang et al. reported species composition and spatial distribution, numerical classification of associations and relationships of these associations with environmental factors in a 15 hectare plot (for details see pages 141–156 and 157–166). The picture shows the g eomorphic feature of Chinese north-tropical zone karst cluster-peach. (Photographed by Zaoxin Yan)

Current Issue
115 Zhigang Jiang
Horizon Scanning: a new method for environmental and biodiversity conservation
2014 Vol. 22 (2): 115-116 [Abstract] [PDF 328KB]
Original Papers
117 Sarula Kang, Qing Zhang, Jianming Niu, Jianjun Dong, Wenjing Ma, Xin Li, Changming Chang, Chenwei Shang
Effect of mining landscape history on local species diversity: a case study of the Yimin open-pit coal mine in Inner Mongolia
2014 Vol. 22 (2): 117-128 [Abstract] [PDF 849KB]
129 Junyan Zhang, Kewu Cheng, Runguo Zang
The spatial distribution patterns and associations of the principal trees and shrubs in a natural tropical coniferous forest on Hainan Island, China
2014 Vol. 22 (2): 129-140 [Abstract] [PDF 694KB]
141 Bin Wang, Yusong Huang, Xiankun Li, Wusheng Xiang, Tao Ding, Fuzhao Huang, Shuhua Lu, Wenheng Han, Shujun Wen, Lanjun He
Species composition and spatial distribution of a 15 ha northern tropical karst seasonal rain forest dynamics study plot in Nonggang, Guangxi, southern China
2014 Vol. 22 (2): 141-156 [Abstract] [PDF 1092KB]
157 Fuzhao Huang, Bin Wang, Tao Ding, Wusheng Xiang, Xiankun Li, Aiping Zhou
Numerical classification of associations in a northern tropical karst seasonal rain forest and the relationships of these associations with environmental factors
2014 Vol. 22 (2): 157-166 [Abstract] [PDF 1421KB]
167 Yinbo Zhang, Xiaolong Zhang, Hu Yuan
Assessing the in situ conservation status of key protected wild plants in Shanxi Province
2014 Vol. 22 (2): 167-173 [Abstract] [PDF 313KB]
174 Hongling Guo, Zhiwen Li, Zhishu Xiao
Factors influencing the fruit crops and seed fates of Pistacia chinensis: the results of structural equation modeling
2014 Vol. 22 (2): 174-181 [Abstract] [PDF 441KB]
182 Xi’ao Zhang, Xiaoyun Sui, Zhi Lü, Yifeng Chen
A prediction of the global habitat of two invasive fishes (Pseudorasbora parva and Carassius auratus) from East Asia using Maxent
2014 Vol. 22 (2): 182-188 [Abstract] [PDF 722KB]
189 Xiangzong Geng, Bo Wang, Aiqun Jia, Ruiwu Wang
Roles of semiochemicals in regulating intraspecific competition of pollinating wasps of Ficus racemosa
2014 Vol. 22 (2): 189-195 [Abstract] [PDF 297KB]
196 Yong Wang, Jie Xu, Gang Yang, Hongqing Li, Shiying Wu, Haiming Tang, Bo Ma, Zhenghuan Wang
The composition of common woody plant species and their influence on bird communities in urban green areas
2014 Vol. 22 (2): 196-207 [Abstract] [PDF 757KB]
Research Bulletins
208 Yanyan Ma, Zizhong Yang, Ping Feng, Qiao Li
The influence of fire disturbance on the biotype structure and seasonal dynamics of ground-dwelling spider on Cangshan Mountain, Yunnan Province
2014 Vol. 22 (2): 208-215 [Abstract] [PDF 387KB]
216 Wenhua Xie, Xifu Yang, Junnian Li, Shuanglun Tao, Zhishu Xiao
A preliminary study of the biodiversity of ground-dwelling small mammals in Badagongshan National Nature Reserve, Hunan Province
2014 Vol. 22 (2): 216-222 [Abstract] [PDF 247KB]
223 Gengping Zhu, Qiang Liu, Yubao Gao
Improving ecological niche model transferability to predict the potential distribution of invasive exotic species
2014 Vol. 22 (2): 223-230 [Abstract] [PDF 392KB]
231 Lile Hu, Junsheng Li, Jianwu Luo, Wenhui Liu, Wei Wang
Reviews of the effects of the cultivation of bioenergy plants on biodiversity
2014 Vol. 22 (2): 231-241 [Abstract] [PDF 269KB]
242 Shaojie Mu, Kexin Zhou, Ying Fang, Chao Zhu
The need and the prospects for developing large-scale green corridors to protect biodiversity
2014 Vol. 22 (2): 242-249 [Abstract] [PDF 281KB]
2014 Vol. 22 (2): 249-249 [Abstract] [PDF 171KB]
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