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Breeding notes of the Giant panda in Beijing Zoo

Huang Shiqiang   

  • Received:1993-08-14 Online:1994-05-20

Beijing Zoo has bred in 30 years 46 cubs of 28 litters of Giant Panda (among which 18 litters were twins),21 young Pandas survived. The survival rate is 45. 65%, which made a prominent contribution to the offsite conservation of Giant Panda. The first successful breeding in captivity was achieved in 1963 - MingMing; the first successful breeding by artificial insemination was in 1978-- Yuan Jing; in 1980 there was thefirst successful breeding by using frozen semen stored in ultra-low temperature, twins were born; in 1987 the Beijing Zoo achieved the record of keeping 4 generations of Pandas; in 1990, Pandas of distant bloodlines mated naturally and produced offspring for the first time-Ya Qing ; in 1992, the first third generationPanda by artificial insemination was able to mate naturally for the first time and successfully fathered twincubs - Yong Ming and Yong Liang ; from 1992 to 1993, a had-reared young panda survived for the.first time(not having had milk from the mother) - Yong Liang; in 1993, for first time all 3 young Pandas born in1992 survived, a survived rate of 100%.

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