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The Legislation for Biodiversity Conservation in China


  1. Nanjing Institute of Environment Sciences, the National Environment Protection Agency, Nanjing 210042
  • Received:1995-10-04 Revised:1996-06-10 Online:1996-12-20 Published:1996-12-20


Biodiversity conservation depends on a sound legislation in both international and national levels. China has promulgated a series of laws and regulations concerning biodiversity conservation, especially for protection of wild animals and other natural resources. As the enforcement of the statutes, a great progress for in-situ and ex-situ biodiversity conservation has been achieved. But some gaps for the legislation are still existed. Based on the present status of conservation legislation in China and in accordance with the Convention on Biological Diversity, an attention for the legislation should be paid to conservation of genetic resources, wild plant species and various natural ecosystems.

Key words: mycorrhizal fungi, tea gardens, species richness, frequency, spore density, CCA analysis