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A Preliminary Investigation on the Status of the Wildlife Trade in Guangxi, China


  1. Institute of Zoology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing 100080
  • Received:1994-05-05 Online:1996-12-20

Wildlife trade is a main impetus for wildlife hunting. There are 91 species of animals, involved in the wildlife trade in Guangxi, China, including 40 species of mammals, 17 species of birds, 32 species of reptiles and 2 species of amphibians. Thirty-five species, including 21 species of mammals, 8 species of birds and 6 species of reptiles, are the animals under state's special protection. Thirty species are involved in the wildlife trade between China and Vietnam. There are 55 species involved in live wildlife trade: Thirty-nine species of wildlife are used as food or raw materials for medicinaal liquor. Thirty-four species are used as medieinal materials. And 31 species (not including snakes) are used as raw materials. There are 9 species uused as pets. The species richness involved in the wildlife trade in Guangxi tends to increasel Wildlife trade has caused the endangerment of many species and the decline of wildlife resources in Guangxi. The live wildlife trade between China and Vietnam can bring about an invasion of exotic species to China. It is suggested that the changes of species and volume involved in the wildlife trade should be monitored and the live wildlife trade between China and Vietnam should be prohibited in Guangxi.

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